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Artist Statement

For my entire life, I've had a natural curiosity about the origin of reality, and I believe numbers have something to do with it. I find inspiration in learning about the ways nature can be mathematically conceptualized. For instance, the panning background image is a rendered image inside of a 2D fractal, a commonly referenced mathematical concept used to rationalize natural self-similarity. In addition to fractals, the fibonacci sequence and the golden ratio are often used as well. For me it's less about math, and more of an exploration and expression, graphically and musically.

"If you knew the magnificence of 3 6 and 9, you would have a key to the universe."
- Nikola Tesla

I would like to understand the universe on Tesla's level, but for me it is more of a creative expression than a scientific endeavor. Since science has influenced my creativity, my Narojo logo is intended to make a reference to the periodic table of elements. Likewise, nine, being an important number in energy, and also my favorite number, I ended up creating a nine-pointed star to represent ideas associated with my music; nine being an odd number, is uncommon in music, which is centered around octaves and subdivisions that are even. For me, it represents odd and polyrhythmic time signatures, and all-around nonconformity; a useful conflict for conveying new ideas through relativity, contrast, and dissonance. As a musician, I am fascinated by the idea of musical fractals, how waveforms repeat, and how rhythmic intervals affect our perception of pitch. Rhythm being a key focus in my musicianship, and polyrhythms being complex, I often liken polyrhythms to illusions in art, like celtic knots and interweaving stars. Thus, my star is an interweaving nine-pointed Celtic knot reminiscent of the Star of David. Consequently, my music project is named after the hebrew word אמת.